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This tour takes you to places that you might not think of first on a city tour. This tour takes you right into the heart of Vienna’s 11th district, through various municipal buildings, directly into the everyday lives of the people. We travel back to the beginning of the 20th century. Into an era that would later be called “Red Vienna”. A term that is historically and above all politically charged. But what does the term “the RED VIENNA” actually mean? How did this come about? And what exactly happened during this time that has made this term so firmly anchored in people’s minds far beyond the borders of Austria? These questions and much more will be explored as part of a community building tour around Herderpark.


Katharina Glaser

Katharina Glaser, Simmering

I show Simmering…why? I live and work in the 11th district, it’s a very disreputable district and I think that’s a shame. I want my work and the tours to help break down prejudices. I would like to show the beautiful sides of the district and the incredibly exciting history and show that Simmering is more than the central cemetery…keyword executioner Josef Lang, exciting industrial history e.g. Mautner Markhof, exciting traffic and transport history keyword Wr: Mautner Markhof, exciting traffic and transportation history Keyword Wr. Neustädter Kanal etc.

A lot of innovation with an exciting story, that should be shown and told – it’s the only way to create new opinions and images.


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