© Claudia-Maria Behling

Nowhere else does the credo “live and let live” apply more than in the Prater. Join me on a journey through time through the Prater from its beginnings to the present day and experience the charm of this unique microcosm.

Claudia-Maria Behling / The Prater

The Viennese have been using the Prater for recreation since it was “founded”. This is the only place where you can temporarily escape from everyday life.

In this parallel world, everyone can experience the Prater according to his or her interests, regardless of age, profession or financial background. For me, as a local resident born next to the Prater, this is exactly what makes this place so fascinating. All activities – whether in the green Prater, the wild Prater or the Wurstlprater – are on an equal footing. Families, top athletes, homeless, rebels and many more are all welcome.

It is therefore impossible to define the Prater, as it is a forest, park and amusement park all in one. Come and feel the Prater.


Claudia-Maria Behling