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Municipal housing was invented in Vienna in the 1920s. The oldest of these superblocks are located on the Margaretengürtel, These are not only impressive as structures but also because of their intricate architectural details.

A fascinating part of Vienna.

Katrin Kadletz / Margareten- Superblocks

Our tour begins by traversing a girls’ park, viewing outdoor murals from the Calle Libre Festival 2019 which then leads us to the Viennese housing miracle: In 1922 Vienna becomes the world’s first Metropolis ruled by a social democratic city government. A massive construction project is launched to provide work and affordable housing for the many unemployed and homeless. The first large municipal housing estates are built; mighty ‘castles of the proletariat’: 100s of apartments, many staircases, defiant on the outside, green, spacious and practical on the inside. Amenities include janitor’s apartments, kindergartens, pediatricians, dry cleaners, travel agencies, bicycle cellars, garbage rooms, ironing rooms, swimming pools, studios … with high quality design elements and beautiful details such as window frames, grilles, lamps – and, the ‘art on the building’.

Next we’ll walk on to the 48ers with their green façade, past an exemplary renovated Tröpferlbad and the Neunerhaus.

Then we’ll go back to our starting point, the Bruno-Keisky-Park on the U4.


Katrin Kadletz