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Seestadt is one the largest urban development projects in Europe. We will do a journey of discovery through this very interesting Vienna’s new city, which is part of 22n district.  We will explore if the city of women – all streets are named after remarkable  women both Austrian and international  ones –  and short distances is built already in a sustainable way and hence  fit for the climate change

Guided tour together with urban tree expert DI Alexander Mayr-Harting

Susanna Oberforcher / Seestadt

Why do I give guides tours in the  brand new district called  „Seestadt?“  Because I am curious to see something new being created in this 3000 years old city of Vienna, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

The „Seestadt“ – „laketown“  will be home for about 25.000 people in the 2030s. Right now it is  about 7000 people who live, go to school and work here. And it is already worth a visit – be it for the artificial swimming lake, or for some very nice  culinary offerings including an excellent ice-cream parlor or  de world 2nd-tallest wooden high rise building called the  „HoHo“.

In Seestadt itself, I like the concept of short distances and the fact that the needs of women – and their children in particular – are taken into account, which I think is important and right – a city in which the residents are the most important thing and not the cars – this opens up completely new possibilities and certainly makes for an interesting exchange of opinions during the guided tours.

The residents of Seestadt are also involved in the planning process – something that is only possible in historic Vienna, if at all. A city  with a lake as a reference point – and not a  church or a castle as a center of power – definitely worth living in and certainly worth seeing!


Susanna Oberforcher


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