© BI “Pro Wilhelminenberg 2030”

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Vienna Woods”, fresh air corridor “Wilhelminenberg-Liebhartstal”, pearlescent street, recreation and relaxation area, home of traditional Viennese sing and song writing (“Vienna Folk Song Society”/Bockkeller), Kuffner observatory tracing back to brewer and patron Moriz von Kuffner

Christian-André Weinberger / Ottakring

Where the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Vienna Woods“ merges with an UNESCO World Heritage Site, where some of Vienna’s well-known mayors were born, where the Vienna Folk Song Society is at home, where the prevailing of Vienna’s fresh and brisk air originates from the Franz Joseph honoring outlook “Jubiläumswarte”, where enjoyment takes center stage with beer, coffee and jam. No matter how you choose to explore this area, it is one of the most beautiful in Vienna and a definite must-see not just for local folks.


Christian-André Weinberger