© Brigitte Binder

A walk through history and events – experience the idyllic landscape of yesteryear, an amour fou whose passion is reflected in the “Windsbraut”, from the salons and their salonniers the path leads to the Villa Wertheimstein and its residents

Brigitte Binder / Oberdöbling

My Graetzel always fascinates me and discovering new tracks is exciting and fun.
I have grown particularly fond of Sievering with the Bellevue Höhe and the vineyards, from where I moved to Oberdöbling,
You can still feel the nostalgic flair of the landscape, the atmosphere of the salons with their parties, the nature in the beautiful parklands. A world of yesterday, with its inhabitants, which leads us to Villa Wertheimstein and the family clan. Let’s set off into a mysterious world…


Brigitte Binder