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During this walk through the core of the 10th district I talk about the history of this heavily populated district, which is celebrating its 150th birthday in 2024. We see some historical buildings and in contrast the new Sonnwendviertel with apartments for around 13.000 inhabitants and the “WirWasser” fountain by the Gelitin artists’ group. We talk about multiculturalism, politics and security. We pass Reumannplatz with ArtDeco Amalienbad indoor swimming pool and why Tichy ice cream shop is so popular. We end with the colourful Viktor-Adler market and the strange Domenig building, which now houses a hotel and a restaurant.

Gertrude Frantal / Favorites

I am happy to offer this tour in Vienna’s 10th district as it is the district where I live and where I have experienced many changes during my lifetime. The coexistence of long-established residents and immigrants from many different countries is exciting, challenging and enriching at the same time. The district has many different faces, some of which I would like to show you. We are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the district Favoriten this year – come and have a look!


Gertrude Frantal